Freeman’s Carter Ruse wins MUDECAS 50 years after grandfather

Published: Jan. 16, 2022 at 10:57 PM CST
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Before Saturday’s boy’s division A championship game at the 93rd annual MUDECAS tournament between Palmyra and Freeman, the Adams High School boy’s team from 50 years ago were honored on the 50th anniversary of their MUDECAS championship.

Freeman junior guard Carter Ruse’s grandfather was a part of that Adams team who won the championship 50 years ago. On Saturday Ruse and Freeman won the championship 50 years after his grandfather.

“That was a big motivational factor for me is to get here and to get another family member in so that in another 50 years I’ll be here too,” Ruse said.

“I talked to him about that Thursday night, I said you know I wanted to be playing in this game for you because I know his grandpa was being recognized. So, it’s a big deal and our kids should celebrate it like a big deal,” Freeman head coach Jim McLaughlin said.

His grandfathers anniversary was not the only one this weekend. It was almost exactly two years to the date that Ruse tore his meniscus against the same opponent, the Palmyra Panthers. “I tore my meniscus against Palmyra and so it felt really good to get that first game out of the way and then to win that second game and to finally just get it done and win a championship,” Ruse said.

Throughout the rehab process and after, grandpa was always there for Ruse according to his mother.

Whether it was playing video games or shooting for an hour after a tough game. Ruse put on a show for his grandpa in the championship helping Freeman win the MUDECAS championship with a game high 23 points 50 years after his grandfather

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