Our Town Beatrice: Successful Business

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Published: Feb. 15, 2022 at 9:58 AM CST
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - There are plenty of opportunities to do business in the community of Beatrice. Landmark Snacks is an example of one business that’s seeing plenty of success.

We caught up with co-owner Chad Lottman to talk about the home-grown Landmark Snacks enterprise. “My wife Courtney and I started the business about six years ago,” Lottman said. “We are a co-manufacturer for meat snacks. We make snack sticks primarily, and we also make a meat-based protein bar. That bar is distributed nationally. It’s not our brand. We are just here to produce it for them. That product is what led us to expand from our original location at C & C Processing in Diller, where we were for 20 years, to our second facility. As we grew with that, it opened up doors to get into snack stick manufacturing, and we are now producing snack sticks as a co-packer for Jack Links.”

Landmark Snacks is seeing a real need for workers. “Anybody here in the community that listens to local radio, they’ve probably heard plenty of our ads,” Lottman said. “We were recovering from COVID, like many other businesses, and needed employees. In the last 12 months, we’ve more than doubled our total staff. We are now more than 200 staff members. We are pleased with that. We’ve been very aggressive. We’ve opened a hiring center in central Beatrice at 6th and Court streets. It’s there to allow people to come in, watch a video, ask questions, and be a little more comfortable than just walking in our front office.”

The need for more workers is just one piece of evidence that points to the success of Landmark Snacks. “I don’t know if there’s a secret (to the success),” Lottman said. “There’s been a lot of trials and tribulations. What it comes down to is simply not giving up. Although, there were times when I thought about it. We’ve just simply stayed aggressive, we’ve worked to increase our benefits, and to make the on-the-job experience as pleasing as possible for the employees.”

As you might imagine, a business like Landmark Snacks is very important to Our Town Beatrice. “We came to town six years ago, took a building that was not being used, and put it to use,” Lottman said. “We started with 50 team members six years ago. Here we are today with right at 220, and still growing. That becomes very substantial for the community, and the jobs we are creating fills a need.”

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