Mural artist leaves her mark in Hebron

Pure Nebraska
Published: Mar. 10, 2022 at 10:37 AM CST|Updated: Mar. 10, 2022 at 10:51 AM CST
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - A Nebraska woman has added her personal touch to the local hardware store in Hebron, and her artistic work can actually be spotted throughout Thayer County.

We visited with Jamie Luttrell recently. She co-owns the Hebron True Value hardware store with her husband. “We actually bought the hardware store downtown first,” Luttrell said. “Then we moved up to this new building. I paint murals as a side gig. I don’t like blank walls, so before we moved into the store, I spent a few months just giving the walls in here our own little touch.”

The murals are inspired by what is sold in the store, and by the local community. “I wanted it to be a Nebraska theme,” Luttrell said. “I started with scenes related to the agricultural community, such as farm supplies and fencing supplies. One of the murals features paint, and I like the paint department here. I also like hunting and nature, so I feature that in the murals, along with the Sandhill cranes.”

Luttrell has completed other murals around town. One mural features an old garage scene on the back of a downtown building. Also, there’s a big American flag on the side of a bottle shop downtown. “The one south of town is on Mike Long’s seed shop garage door,” Luttrell said. “His wife actually gave that to him as a gift, which I thought was a cool gift to give your husband, a mural on the door of his shop. There’s also one in Deshler in the downtown area that highlights the county fair. Deshler is the county fair site, and they wanted to focus on a neat, old building. A tornado came through and destroyed that building, so the mural helps remember it, as well as the origins of the fair.”

“I have done a lot of nurseries,” Luttrell said. “Those are my favorite, I love doing nurseries. I do a number of interior murals. I’ve done a lot of custom painting, and farm scenes. Sometimes people will give me an aerial picture of their farm, and I’ll paint their farm. I thought I would have exhausted the local market, but people just continue to keep me busy.”

If you’d like to see Luttrell’s murals in Hebron, a good place to start is the True Value Hardware store located just off Highway 81.

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