Treehouse B&B in South Sioux City draws visitors from all 50 states

Darwin Knecht created a unique treehouse style bed and breakfast in South Sioux City.
Published: Jul. 7, 2022 at 11:54 AM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - There are many unique bed and breakfast options in the state. We found another one you’ll want to try in South Sioux City.

Darwin Knecht is the creator of a tree house bed and breakfast in the community. The official title of this destination is “The Kottage Knechtion Tree House Bed and Breakfast”. He says it all started with a TV show.

“I was driving my wife nuts watching Pete Nelson’s Tree House Masters,” Knecht said. “It got to a point where she had to record the show, and I could only watch it when she went to sleep. We would always go to the Pacific Northwest where she booked a stay in a treehouse. I was so enthused, that on the way home I was already ordering supplies to make my own tree house here in Nebraska.”

Knecht said he spent about six months gathering supplies. “Everything you see here, I built and designed myself,” he said.

On the property where the tree house is, there is a coffee shop called the Koffie Knechtion as well. It serves as a place where those who stay in the bed and breakfast can get food and refreshments. The general public can visit the coffee shop, too.

“Instead of the usual coffee shop, we wanted something in nature,” Knecht said. “We are out on five acres, giving people a chance to relax and forget about the concrete world.”

The tree house itself is outfitted in a very comfortable and inviting way. “There’s a queen-sized bed, and it’s meant for two adults,” Knecht said. “There is a ceiling fan, and a portable air conditioner to keep it cool. It also has an electric fireplace to make it cozy on cold days. It has a bathroom and a sink, but the shower is up in the greenhouse, if people want to take a shower.”

“It’s so relaxing,” Knecht said. “You can hear all of the birds chirping. We have two different levels of deck to sit out on and enjoy. I wanted a ‘wow’ factor. When you are in the tree house, I want you to feel like you are out in a cabin in the middle of the woods, in the middle of nowhere, even though there is a Super Wal-Mart behind us. We’ve had people from all 50 states show up here. We’ve had people from three different countries, and that’s Canada, India, and Australia. The tree house is bringing people here. To me, it’s an honor to have people choose this adventure, even though they probably have money to stay at a 5-star hotel.”

The tree house is built between a couple of big old cottonwood trees. If you would like to book a stay, click here.

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