Golfing in the great outdoors

Published: Aug. 5, 2022 at 4:41 PM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - The Dannebrog Country Club offers a one-of-a-kind golfing experience, where one of the holes is even surrounded by grain bin retaining wall.

We caught up with Nick Schweitzer who is the president of the Dannebrog Country Club. “It was built in 1956 by a couple of people who wanted to play golf,” Schweitzer said of the golf course. “They built a couple of holes, and it ended up being a sand-green nine-hole course. At one time, they played golf with the cattle, as the land was poor, and was good for grazing. But lately, there are no cows on the golf course, but a producer does have some longhorn cattle grazing nearby behind some fences.”

There are a number of amenities that make the golf course unique. “One of the main attractions is the bull pen, which is a 50-yard grain bin ring, that goes all around the hole. Everybody has to chip over the 4-foot high retainer. Our other holes are enclosed by fences. This was done back in the day to keep cattle off of the sand greens.”

The Dannebrog County Club has about 40 members. “We have everyone from women, to children, to older people who just love to play golf,” Schweitzer said. “I get a lot of phone calls asking if we are open. We are open year round. If they want to come out, they are going to basically find themselves all alone. No wait at all. It’s a great learning course for kids. The play is a little different. If you’ve ever played with sand greens, you have to remember to rake your green and draw out a flat surface. Once everyone is then on the green, you can putt.”

The hardest hole on the course is probably the bull pen, because of the fact that you have to chip over the four-foot wall. “Otherwise, we have a long 5-par hole, and a really hard par 4,” Schweitzer said.

The Dannebrog Country Club may be one of the few courses in the state left that offers an opportunity to play on sand greens. “It’s peaceful here,” Schweitzer said. “And you can get in a good round of golf.”

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