Southwest Nebraska’s “Little Grand Canyon”

Pure Nebraska
Published: Sep. 1, 2022 at 10:29 AM CDT
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WAUNETA, Neb. (KOLN) - There are many great stores and experiences to be discovered in the community of Wauneta. A visit to the Little Grand Canyon nearby is a must-see.

We recently visited the town of Wauneta to see this unique view for ourselves, and we caught up with Brenda Anderson to talk about it.

“It’s a beautiful place to visit,” Anderson said. “It’s a little dry right now, because we haven’t seen much rain. Sometimes it’s lush and green here, and you might see some cattle out there.” The canyon looks different with the seasons. “We’ve had snow piled up here,” Anderson said. Spring is often pretty with green grass and plenty of wildlife. “You’ll see some deer, the livestock,” Anderson said. “Every once in a while you’ll see pheasants and geese flying by.”

The actual Little Grand Canyon is on private land, but the spot for viewing, and where you’ll find the sign, is thanks to a Boy Scout project. “Years ago a boy scout picked this as a project, cleaned it all up, and fenced it off,” Anderson said. “The Boy Scouts maintained it. Now the village of Wauneta makes sure that it’s taken care of.”

We’re told that some people like to come up to the viewing area of the Little Grand Canyon so they can get good cell service. “Wauneta is in a valley,” Anderson said. “We don’t always have good cell service, so sometimes people come up on the south or north sides of time to utilize the height.”

Anderson says the community attracts many hunters. They will come and look at the view, and tourists also find it on-line. “We are glad to have anyone come through and see it,” Anderson said.