Another shopping opportunity in downtown Geneva

Pure Nebraska
Published: Sep. 19, 2022 at 1:07 PM CDT
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GENEVA, Neb. (KOLN) - The owner of Brick Road Boutique is welcoming shoppers in downtown Geneva to a new storefront that features a coffee bar.

If you watch Pure Nebraska, then you’ll often see Megan Burda of Brick Road Boutique offering style tips. Her business started out as a mobile store. Now, she has a “brick and mortar” business as well.

“We are in a whole new generation of the business now,” Burda said. “We started out in 2018 as a traveling boutique. So, we used to operate out of our house. We had a trailer with a logo on it, and we’d take clothes and do pop-up events at people’s houses, craft shows, places like the Cattlemen’s Ball, things like that. Then, we’ve just continued to grow our following, and this opportunity came from really out of nowhere for us to purchase this building, and move all of our inventory in here.”

Burda says the building was built in 1889.

“That is the name of one of our drinks on the coffee bar menu, to pay homage to the history of the building,” Burda said. “It was originally a dime store, and it’s of course, turned over a few times.” The store features a nice wooden floor, exposed brick walls, and you can see the ceiling tin. The exterior of the building is also eye-catching, as it has a bay window. The upstairs was previously used for apartments and a photography studio. “We bought the building, and had the countertop already put together,” Burda said. “The countertop you see is for the coffee bar. It’s a bank counter from a bank in Nebraska, and so you can see where the teller windows would have been, and that’s kind of fun. We also brought in Normal Roasting Company from Burwell, as we like to be local. That is part of our mission with this new store, we want to stay as local as we can, and bring in local vendors and makers. Our other vision for the space is to provide a gathering place, a small venue where people can have meetings, and get together with friends.”

The business seems to fit in with others downtown.

“We have a really great downtown community, and other local small business owners who work together on marketing initiatives and events,” Burda said. “We really talk to each other, and keep an eye out for what one person person is carrying. We try to make sure that another store doesn’t have the same thing.”

You can find out more about Burda’s store at