10/11 Now Senior Reporter stuck in Florida as hurricane makes landfall

10/11's Bayley Bischof shares her experience of being stuck in Florida due to Hurricane Ian.
Published: Sep. 28, 2022 at 10:23 PM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - The hurricane is preventing people from leaving Florida, including 10/11′s Senior Reporter Bayley Bischof.

On Wednesday, we spoke with her about what she’s experiencing on the Gulf Coast.

After a couple canceled flights, Bayley said her short trip has been extended. She’s visiting family and now, they’re all waiting to see what happens next.

“This has just been like the slow build of anxiety for like, five days,” Bayley said.

She went to Tampa last week with the idea of only being there for four days, but as Hurricane Ian became more severe, her plans had to change.

“I was supposed to leave on Monday night and we were really excited,” Bayley said. “I had planned it really well and would get out before it got too bad. Then I was supposed to fly out again early this morning out of Orlando, but then that flight got canceled as well. So now, it’s just been kind of waiting.”

The eye of Hurricane Ian has stayed south and east of Tampa, but Bayley and her family want to be ready in case things change. She said she moved from the house where she was originally staying to a more structurally-sound home. She also helped move her grandma, who is on oxygen, to an assisted living center.

“Where does she need to be in case power goes out to make sure that she can breathe, and just like some of those basic steps,” Bayley said.

So far in Tampa, Bayley’s seen heavy rain and wind.

“You’re just trying to wait and trying to figure out where, what’s going to happen,” Bayley said. “We haven’t had to do too much to prepare, but just those basic things like making sure you have gas in cars and food and just preparations for what to do in a power outage.”

For now, Bayley said they’re just waiting to see if conditions get worse in Tampa overnight into Thursday. She plans to fly out on Saturday.