Superior winery ‘an escape’ for visitors

Pure Nebraska
Published: Nov. 11, 2022 at 6:38 PM CST
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SUPERIOR, Neb. (KOLN) - There is much to see and do in Nuckolls County. One spot where people tend to find enjoyment and relaxation is at Superior Estates Winery.

We caught up with the winery owner, Kelly Meyer, to learn more about this destination.

“My husband and I live in Omaha,” Meyer said. “We both grew up on farms. We have so many fond memories of farm life, and growing up, and working with family. We wanted to do something to keep small towns vibrant. Our son studied horticulture, and when he got out of school, he moved to Superior and started growing perennials, shrubs, and landscaping material. We started going to seminars. One we went to was by a viticulturist named Dr. Richard Smart. He writes books about growing grapes, and he said Nebraska does have good places for growing vines. He pulled out a map and pointed right to Superior. We asked our son Nate to consider planting a small vineyard. So, we started with five acres, but the pastures around it kept getting sprayed with 24D. We then decided to look for a site closer to town that might be more protected. We bought 80 acres. We are happy we did, because my brother-in-law farms around us, and he’s good about helping protect the vines. We decided we wanted to put something here that was like an escape.”

Because Kelly Meyer’s husband is an architect, the Superior Estates Winery building has some unique features.

“The stone you see outside, and the planter that goes toward the parking lot, that stone all came from Kansas. The planter represents the fact that the grapes come from the Earth as a raw product. Then, the beams that start outside, and go through the building represent the trellising of the vines. The round barrel room represents the tanks where the wine is made.”

Right now, most of the Superior Estates wine is sold directly to the consumer.

“We do have a few accounts we sell to,” Meyer said. “We have different labels. We have the Superior Estates label, which is more of a classic and elegant label. Then, we have the Tornado Alley series. That series came about when some of our accounts said people are really label buyers. They asked: can you come up with something midwestern, colorful and bright? So, that’s where we came up with the Tornado Alley series.”

Perhaps the best way to enjoy Superior Estates wine is to visit the tasting room in Superior.

“That’s the idea,” Meyer said. “We want people to look at this as an escape.”