Our Town York: Building Upgrades

Pure Nebraska
Published: Dec. 5, 2022 at 11:03 AM CST
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - The City of York has made strides to renovate and upgrade several downtown buildings, and in turn, that has further elevated the quality of life for local residents.

The city auditorium is one of the buildings that is looking better than ever.

“This building is 80 years old,” York Mayor Berry Redfern said. “The operational systems were completely shot, and we ended up with people using blankets to watch a basketball game. The roof was bad, the windows were bad, and we got to a point where we needed to either fix the building, or we weren’t going to be able to use it anymore. When that came out, we got a pretty loud voice from the people of York saying they wanted the building saved. So, that’s what we did. If you come in here now, there are new windows. You can stay warm or cold depending on the season, and it’s getting booked up now and used for multiple events.”

The city auditorium is also home to the York Area Children’s Museum, which is a big draw for the community.

“We’ve been fortunate to afford to put money into some other buildings,” Redfern said. “Not far from the city auditorium is the community center which has a swimming pool in it. The pool needed renovations. Once we got into that, we found the roof of the building was in bad shape. By getting in and fixing that, we probably saved the building. All in all, that has made that 60-year-old building much better.”

In the community center, the public is enjoying a new addition to the facility called “Fun City”, which is an indoor play area for kids.

“We re-located the museum, and the area where the museum was, is now Fun City,” Redfern said. “It’s and area solely for kids to play. Our parks and recreation director has more ideas all of the time, and keeps putting more things in there.”

“Obviously, we are trying to do some other quality of life things, as we have a splash pad going into one of our older parks in western York that’s going to be nice,” Redfern said. “An all-inclusive playground for kids of all abilities is going in at Mincks Park. We’ve also done some building repairs to the library, and the city building, and we are looking really at all of our buildings to make sure they are in good shape.”

Redfern says it’s important to keep some of these old buildings in good working condition.

“The buildings mean a lot to people,” Redfern said. “We are fortunate what we have to offer from a quality of life standpoint, with our parks and facilities. We just don’t want to give that up. We want to add to them.”