Remembering the Naval Ammunition Depot in Hastings

Pure Nebraska
Published: Dec. 26, 2022 at 3:24 PM CST
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HASTINGS, Neb. (KOLN) - The Hastings Museum has several small exhibits dedicated to the Naval Ammunition Depot that once operated in Hastings.

We visited with executive director Teresa Kreutzer-Hodson about what people can see.

“The NAD was one of the four largest Naval Ammunition Depots in the country at that time,” Kreutzer-Hodson said. “It was one of two that were centrally located, the other was in Oklahoma. Part of the reason they located here is we have nice wide open spaces. We have groundwater, we have electrical supplies. Plus we had railroad and highway systems that connected to both coasts. So it was perfect for supplying both the east and west coast naval ships with ammunition.”

The Hastings Museum features some artifacts from the NAD.

“As part of our weapons exhibit, we have an exhibit of the ammunition that was made out there,” Kreutzer-Hodson said. “We also have some personal items, like badges for security. There’s also some fire equipment on display.” The museum also features a carousel horse with the letters “NAD” painted on the side of it. “We don’t know the full story of this,” Kreutzer-Hodson said. “We think it might have come from the officer’s recreation building.”

Museum officials say they are working toward a goal of opening up a larger NAD exhibit.

“We are hoping in the next five to eight years we can start on the exhibit, and we want to tell more of the story of the NAD,” Kreutzer-Hodson said. “We are also looking for more artifacts. And, we want to acquire more stories. We hear people talk about their grandfather working at the NAD. Those stories make the NAD so much more real to people.”

If you have a story about the NAD, or an artifact, give the Hastings Museum a call.