2 men rescue disabled woman from apartment complex during historic blizzard

Published: Dec. 29, 2022 at 3:34 PM CST
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BUFFALO, N.Y. (Gray News/TMX) – An older, disabled woman in New York state was rescued on Monday from her apartment complex during a historic blizzard.

Madonna Wilburn, the woman’s daughter, said her mother was without food or water during the blizzard.

Wilburn said she had been trying to get help sent to her mother’s apartment complex for days. The complex in Buffalo where her mother lived, LBJ Apartments, was without power, gas and water.

A local attorney named Rashied Hamid McDuffie made a post on Facebook Monday saying to contact him if anyone needed a ride during the winter storm.

Wilburn said she commented on his post and began talking with him. Shortly after, two young men named Myles and David showed up to help Wilburn’s mother.

Wilburn recorded a video of the two men shoveling snow to make a path to Wilburn’s home before helping her mother reach the front door.

The two men told Wilburn a pipe had burst in the apartment building, and water was pouring into the apartments, which house mostly elderly residents.

Wilburn said the young men went back to the apartments to help more people. They also hoped to recruit more volunteers from a nearby student housing complex for Canisius College and Medaille University.

“Thank you Rashied Hamid McDuffie for sending these angels Myles and David to rescue my mother,” Wilburn wrote in a Facebook post she made including the video.