Celebrating art and music in downtown Hastings

Pure Nebraska
Published: Jan. 9, 2023 at 10:25 AM CST
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HASTINGS, Neb. (KOLN) - The Lark is a popular spot to see artists perform live, and it also provides the community with a place to gather for receptions and special events.

10/11 NOW caught up with Cara Kimberly, executive director of The Lark, to talk about the venue.

“We are a non-profit event space in downtown Hastings,” Kimberly said. “We have several events that take place here, number one is The Listening Room. This has been going strong for 32 years. For many years, it was held in different locations in Hastings, to give musicians and artists a home to play music, and that’s how this all started. The Lark is now the home of The Listening Room. We are growing all the time, and that is great for us, because it takes a lot to run a non-profit performance venue. What keeps it going is people being here and supporting it.”

The Lark is not only a place for concerts. It can also be rented for weddings, memorials, and other events.

“We have a new comedian series called ‘Laughs at the Lark’, and that’s going well,” Kimberly said. “We do that quarterly, and comedians seem to love our stage.”

“The tables basically come right up to the stage, so people are really connecting with the artists here,” Kimberly said. “The artists will then talk about their songs, and how they became who they are.”

The Lark has been around since 2011.

“Previously, part of the space used to be a music store, and then the other half used to be a telemarketing building. Many community members that love the arts came together to build The Lark. It was a lot of hard work from community members to make this possible. We are always looking for donations because we are a non-profit. We are also always looking for sponsors for our events and the ten Listening Room shows that happen here throughout the year.”

More is being done at The Lark to develop new sources of revenue.

“COVID hit us hard,” Kimberly said. “We really had to get creative and figure out how we are going to use all of the building. We have a beautiful space upstairs where we applied for a grant, and from many donors and beyond, we have enough money for now to start the project. We are going to have three apartments upstairs. Two will be used more long term, and one will be smaller that can be used as an Airbnb for our weddings, or guests who want to stay there. It might also be used to house some of our artists.”

If you would like to know more about The Lark, or if you would like to find out when some of the shows and event are happening, go to thelarkdowntown.com.