Lincoln Public Schools Board of Education candidate profile: Alaina Brouillette

Alaina Brouillette
Alaina Brouillette(Alaina Brouillette)
Published: Apr. 5, 2023 at 11:40 AM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Even numbered districts are on the ballot this year for Lincoln Public Schools Board of Education. There are two candidates running in each district (2, 4, 6) so all candidates will advance to the May 2 general election.

10/11 NOW sent a questionnaire to all candidates and we did not edit responses. Read Alaina Brouillette’s responses below and view other candidate profiles here.

Name: Alaina Brouillette

Political Party: Republican

Occupation: Billing for CHI Health

Why are you running for the Lincoln Public Schools Board of Education? I am running for LPS school board to bring a positive change to parents, students, and the community for student success and academic achievement. I want to help students be ready for the workforce and prepared to take on society when they graduate.

List a few positive achievements accomplished by the district. Where would you like to see improvement? I think the school board currently has a great relationship with LPD and the resource officers we have which is great for school safety. I would like to see improvement from the school board as far as listening to what the people really want out of their student’s education. Right now the school board has no desire to take into consideration anyone else’s opinion on topics/subjects they may disagree with. Teachers and parents are not being valued and represented as they should and I hope to change that.

What should be done to recruit and retain teachers and staff? We can retain teachers by incorporating teacher input into new initiatives and allowing them to have weekends off with no mandatory meetings. When they have designated planning time, it needs to be kept as designated planning time and not used for something else. Unnecessary training like DEI and CRT can go out the window. Also, there is no reason administrators should be making more than teachers when teachers are (in my opinion) doing more work.

How should a board member weigh funding education with the cost to Lincoln property owners? The board should not vote to raise taxes on the city for their budget unless they include the city in their voting process. I do support the 3% tax cap that Jim Pillen is proposing. Funding education is important, but should not place a financial burden on the taxpayers. People are already struggling as is with inflation. I believe Lincoln can do better to ease that pain.

School boards across the country are facing increased political polarization. How should a member navigate policy tension with regard to a child’s education? Well, political agendas should have NO role in the public education system. Basic education of math, science, history, reading/writing, and English is what should be taught in schools. There wouldn’t be political polarization if teachers were able to stick to teaching what is necessary for a child to succeed in life, rather than pushing brainwashing social justice activism garbage that has no place in the school system and has no benefits to a child’s education. I think the schools “forget” that these children do not belong to them, that the children do in fact, still belong to the parents.

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