Lincoln ‘serial peeper’ arrested for 11th time

A look at the disturbing trend from a repeat offender and why it keeps happening
A man has been arrested for the same crime for the 11th time after he was caught peering into someone’s window in the Havelock neighborhood.
Published: May. 11, 2023 at 10:46 AM CDT|Updated: May. 11, 2023 at 6:20 PM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - A man has been arrested for the same crime for the 11th time after he was caught peering into someone’s window in the Havelock neighborhood.

According to the Lincoln Police Department, Wednesday night just before midnight, officers were dispatched on a report of a prowler near a home off N 62nd Street and Ballard Avenue.

LPD said the responding officer made contact with 64-year-old Joseph Reyna, who they claim was actively peering through a bedroom window.

Police said the officer verbally engaged with Reyna who ran away towards the alley. LPD said Reyna was found in the alley between 61st and 62nd Streets and taken into custody.

According to officers, a neighbor called police after spotting Reyna peering into a bedroom window that was occupied by two people.

Reyna was taken to jail and is facing unlawful intrusion and criminal mischief charges.

LPD said Reyna has been arrested roughly 11 times for similar crimes since 2021.

Chuck Fletcher, a victim from a separate peeping incident involving Reyna, spoke to 10/11 about the day Reyna showed up on his security camera.

“It was terrifying, Fletcher said.

This incident happened near 56th and Orchard Streets in August of 2021 and Fletcher said Reyna was sitting outside of his bedroom.

“It was footage of him with his hand down his pants. Clearly looking into our window, he went as far as taking our patio chair and sitting on it outside of our window,” Fletcher said.

Court documents say Reyna came back twice before before he was arrested for multiple counts of disturbing the peace and trespassing. Reyna eventually spent three months in jail for reduced charges of disturbing the peace but for the Fletcher family, the damage was done.

“We work so hard to provide a safe place for our family. And then this guy can come in one night and just completely strip that from you. Maybe not physically but mentally,” Fletcher said.

Additional victims have also caught Reyna on camera.

10/11 asked LPD why nothing more can be done and Sergeant Chris Vollmer said, “LPD is not able to modify arrest citations based on past arrests, only convictions count toward enhancements. Most of Mr. Reyna’s citations are still in the court process.”

Currently, Reyna has five open court cases, some encompass more than one incident. He is facing six total counts of trespassing and three counts of disturbing the peace, all of those are misdemeanors.

Northeast Lincoln City Councilor James Michael Bowers is calling on County Attorney Pat Condon to take greater action. “Residents in Havelock and Northeast Lincoln deserve to feel safe. This individuals actions violate our privacy and sense of security. Law enforcement are doing their job by responding and arresting, the county attorney must do his job and take action immediately to prevent further escalation and keep northeast Lincoln safe,” Bowers said.

Fletcher told 10/11 that he hopes something changes too before more families go through what he did. “Every time I see this guy on the news, it’s the judicial systems, obviously not giving him the rehabilitation that he needs....They need to look at the nature of this trespassing charge and the amount of times he’s done this,” Fletcher said.

Back in March, 10/11 took a look at Reyna’s criminal history which shows he’s been arrested on similar charges multiple times, with an arrest affidavit alleging the behavior dates back to 1985.