Concern grows for family of missing Omaha woman not heard from in 2 weeks

Concern is growing for the family and friends of one missing Omaha woman who hasn't been seen or heard from in two weeks.
Published: Jun. 5, 2023 at 4:50 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - UPDATE: Police say the woman has been found safe.

Concern and worry coming from the family and friends of a young Omaha woman who hasn’t been heard from in two weeks.

It’s even more of a red flag when her boyfriend has a warrant out for his arrest for a previous allegation of violence against her.

6 News obtained the felony criminal complaint against her boyfriend, detailing allegations of strangulation and terroristic threats -- it’s easy to understand why family and friends are so concerned.

23-year-old Megan Ferrin’s family shared photos with 6 News after she told police her boyfriend had beaten her. In one example, a neighbor says he saw the boyfriend dragging her by the hair near the steps leading out of the apartment complex.

Omaha Police filed for an arrest warrant Friday for Michael T. Peters for assault by strangulation and terroristic threats. He’s 23 and lives in Omaha’s Old Mill section.

Ferrin’s mother told 6 News Monday that it’s unlike her daughter to not reach out to her family or friends for this long -- remember, she was last seen 14 days ago. She says the silence is devastating, and they fear the worst.

“I think he convinced her to leave with him,” said Jen Schneider, Megan’s mother. “She left with nothing. Didn’t take a toothbrush. She’s a makeup girl and didn’t take her bag, no clothes, just her phone. I think he’s not letting her use her phone to contact family.”

To be clear -- there’s no evidence that she was taken against her will. Her family and friends say they want to remind us it’s not like Megan Ferrin to stay silent for two weeks without a peep that she’s okay.

Ferrin filed a protection order against Peters last November. Family tells 6 News investigators are currently searching for both of them.