Patrons left paying bar tabs after ‘Jets lose, you win’ promotion didn’t go their way

Patrons at a Wisconsin pub were left paying bar tabs after a 'Jets lose, you win' promotion didn't go their way. (Source: WDJT)
Published: Sep. 13, 2023 at 3:30 PM CDT
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MILWAUKEE (WDJT) - The staff at Jack’s American Pub in Wisconsin say they knew offering to pay everyone’s tab would lead to a surge in customers Monday night.

“We had all hands on deck and looked at the event from every angle,” said Ryan Cooke, with Heard Hospitality.

The bar even had a playbook for what was called the “Jets lose, you win” promotion.

Patrons were able to open their tabs 15 minutes before kickoff when the New York Jets opened their season with quarterback Aaron Rodgers against the Buffalo Bills.

“We were able to put together just a couple of limitations while keeping the drink options pretty open,” Cooke said.

And fans turned out for the promotional night as Rodgers played for the first time after leaving Wisconsin and the Green Bay Packers.

For some fans who attended, there was a strategy.

“If the Bills were winning early, our plan was to just stay steady, but if the Jets had a big lead, we were going to tone it down,” said customer Nicki Dower.

While other fans said they were going to enjoy their drinks no matter the score.

“I came in aggressive. I was going to drink heavy,” said customer Michael Steggeman. “I didn’t care what the score was.”

Another condition of the promotion was that Rodgers had to start the game. But the rules said nothing about him having to finish it.

So, there was a loud roar from the crowd when Rodgers had to exit early with an injury just a few plays into the game.

The fans said it was nothing personal.

“I’m not opposed to Rodgers, but I was thinking more about my wallet,” Steggeman said.

However, after falling behind early the Jets ended up defeating the Bills in overtime, an outcome that reportedly left a lot of the patrons paying for their own tab instead of the pub.