Danielle Shenk

Evening Anchor/Producer
Hastings, Nebraska
Danielle Shenk

Danielle Shenk originates from Polk, Nebraska where she attended school at High Plains Community. A class in high school had sparked her interest in news as she reported and anchored their Friday morning show called HPCTV. Her passion only grew after attending Hastings College and becoming involved with their news program, Bronco News Now and HCTV. She also reported and anchored for the show her entire four years there.

Danielle graduated with a degree in Broadcasting with a minor in Digital/Studio Art which eventually led her to Local4. She previously spent 2 1/2 years reporting at NTV.

When she isn’t working, Danielle likes putting her creativity to the test by painting or drawing. She also enjoys challenging her brain with Sudoku, Word Searches, or Jigsaw puzzles. When she ventures outside of her residence, she likes exploring Hastings to see what shops or unique locations the city has to offer.