Carmelo Lattuca

Meteorology Intern
Lincoln, Neb.
Carmelo Lattuca

Carmelo is from Chicago, Illinois and attends school at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, chasing his dreams of becoming a broadcast meteorologist at the conclusion of his college career.

Carmelo is a meteorology major with minors in broadcasting, mathematics, and applied climate science. During his fall semester in 2021, he took his first broadcast meteorology class before joining the student run news team Nebraska Nightly in early 2022. He was able to go through several newscasts doing both the first outlook and full forecast for the university. And whether the weather calls for snow showers, thunderstorms, or even just sunny skies, Carmelo is ready to start forecasting days in advance. Even from a very young age, Carmelo knew that meteorology was his passion and that he would pursue it as a career later in life.

In his free time, he likes bowling, playing chess, reading, and spending time with his friends and family. He thanks not only his friends, family, and professors for pushing him to pursue his dreams, but the 10/11 News Team for giving him his first official opportunity with broadcast meteorology.