Jackson Wilford

Lincoln, Nebraska
Jackson Wilford

Jackson Wilford joined the 10/11 news team in July 2023 as a Producer and Multimedia Journalist. He has reported on events in Lincoln since his Junior year of high school where he found his love for storytelling as a photographer and reporter for the school newspaper.

A 2023 graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a Bachelors in Journalism, he originally studied print journalism but after taking his first job at a local news station, he quickly found a new avenue of storytelling to follow that incorporated various multimedia productions. During his time at the university, he was a part of its independent newspaper as a reporter and photographer.

He interned as a photojournalist at a small town newspaper in southeastern Nebraska that allowed him to gain experience in rural storytelling, along with what life and culture is like in small Nebraska communities. During his time there, he learned the importance of tight knit communities and what what stories they want to see told.

When he's not working on finding a new story to tell, Jackson enjoys finding new places to explore in the town he grew up in.