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Brian Hale joined the 10/11 NOW News Team in November 2018 as a reporter.

Brian started his career in journalism in high school, and served as the Managing Editor of the student publication at the University of Northern Colorado. This led to a five-year professional career in newspapers in Northern California and Colorado.

He evolved into education public relations with a school district in Westminster, Colorado and more than two decades working as Director of Communications for the Nebraska Association of School Boards. In that position he produced all of their organizational and marketing materials, and traveled to all corners of Nebraska providing workshops and facilitation to school officials and communities. He also served as a registered lobbyist for NASB at the Nebraska Legislature for more than 20 years.

He has attained a Master's of Education degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and has many hours of study in the Master's program at the UNL College of Journalism. He has also authored a book, "Are You Lucky?" which uses a variety of stories he has stumbled into along the trail to demonstrate how we each get to determine whether what happens to us in life is "lucky" or not.

Brian's wife, Pam, is an elementary school principal in Lincoln, and they enjoy parenting five children and entertaining a never-stagnant passel of grandchildren. They are avid baseball fans, and are always dreaming of spending a sunny day in the bleachers -- even if that never happens often enough.

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