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Jared Austin joined the 10/11 NOW News Team in September 2019 as a reporter.

Jared Austin comes from the west suburb of Chicago in the town of North Aurora, Illinois. He started his professional reporting career in September of 2019 after spending four years at the University of Missouri. He was a reporter, producer and anchor for KOMU-TV during his time there.

Jared became interested in journalism on the sports side of things as a kid. All he would do at family functions is talk about upcoming games and debate about who is a better athlete in their game. Although he still follows all of his favorite sports teams (Chicago everything except for the Minnesota Twins) he realized his career would be best fit in news.

He has a true passion for sports teams at his alma mater, but is excited to see what Lincoln has in store with Husker nation. In his spare time he likes to go to the gym, hike and explore the community to meet new people. He also enjoys playing baseball and pick up basketball.

Jared enjoys interacting with people on social media. You can find him on Facebook and Twitter. If you have a story idea, send him an email at jared.austin@1011now.com

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