Maggie Mae Squires

Maggie Mae Squires is a self-employed, RYT Yoga Instructor. She lives in North Lincoln.

Political Party: Democrat

Previous occupation:

Assistant Manager of Gold's and Atrium Building Aide to Senator Bill Avery

Current community involvement:

Volunteer to teach yoga classes to low-income, former addicts. Volunteer to pick-up trash at city parks.

Past community involvement:

Former member of several downtown Lincoln organizations.


Husband, Tony Squires, Artist at Iron Brush Tattoo.

Do you support more TIF projects?

We should use TIF more aggressively while requiring developers to utilize renewable energy, like solar panels, on all redeveloped buildings & wherever applicable. I believe, the TIF policy should limit the amount of out-of-state developers used for projects & contract with companies housed in Nebraska.

How would you improve travel in the City?

Continue to invest in our parks and trails so residents can use alternative methods of travel. Invest in our public transit and keep buses running longer.

What is the biggest challenge you see facing the future of Lincoln and how would you plan to fix/address that?

Increased cost of living along with stagnated wages keep working families struggling. We should continue to invest in infrastructure upgrades that create good paying jobs, including the installation of solar on private & city buildings to lower energy cost & save money.

How do you plan to increase the overall tax base, to continue to provide city services?

Continue to provide services to low-income & immigrant populations so they can join the work force & participate in our economy. We should continue to expand the use of renewable energy which creates good paying jobs for residents.

Are you satisfied with the condition of the roads?

They can be better.

With the population of Lincoln growing, what are your plans for affordable housing?

Continue the development of multi-family housing while requiring solar on every new home & building to help residents keep energy costs low.

What incentives does Lincoln have to offer young business professionals looking to move or stay here?

Lincoln is a very progressive city with a very low unemployment rate. New businesses are moving into town and Lincoln is becoming a technology hub. We should continue to grow in a progressive way to keep young professionals and entrepreneurs here.

Is there one part of Lincoln you feel is neglected, or doesn't get the attention that it needs, to prosper and move forward?

Parks & Recreation are always the first to suffer cuts in the budget. Lincoln needs to continue to invest in maintenance of our parks and continue to invest in before and after school recreation activities to create strong kids who will become tomorrow's leaders.

Are you happy with the job Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler has done?

He tries to reach across the aisle.