Tom Nesbitt

Tom Nesbitt is a business owner. He lives in Southeast Lincoln.

Political Party: Republican

Previous occupation:

Colonel/Superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol

Community involvement:

Active in church. Rescue Nebraska, America’s Great Stories

Past community involvement:

While Colonel of the State Patrol, the Nebraska State Patrol Internet Crimes Against Children Unit was formed in March of 2000. A non-discrimination resolution was introduced. A firm, clear and united message to the public that law enforcement agencies do not condone nor tolerate racial prejudice. The resolution was supported by the Sheriffs and Police Chiefs Associations as well as police officers, deputy sheriffs and troopers. I created the Citizen Advisory Committee on Minority Issues, the committee represented many racial and ethnic backgrounds. We brought together persons of Native American, African American, South American, Mexican, and Middle-Eastern descent. The committee reviewed the method of collecting data, specifically relating to race/ethnicity, policies regarding equal treatment, minority recruitment efforts and agency training. The development of a proposed new data collection system was a noteworthy accomplishment. The benefit of the bridge that was built goes far beyond the statistics that were more accurately gathered.


Wife, Deb; Son, Nick; Daughter, Bailey

Do you support more TIF projects?

Yes. TIF projects should be examined individually, with each standing or falling on its own merits.

How would you improve travel in the City?

We need more serious attempts to improve our public transportation. I would examine how other communities our size have improved public transportation and see if those methods are transportable to Lincoln.

What is the biggest challenge you see facing the future of Lincoln and how would you plan to fix/address that?

Crime. Two years ago we had one murder, last year there were eleven. That is not a blip; it’s a crisis. We need to increase our ratio of police officers per thousand of citizens.

How do you plan to increase the overall tax base, to continue to provide city services?

I believe our future lies in being the “Silicone Prairie.” We need to make sure tech companies have the infrastructure they need to be successful here. We also need services like improved public transportation that appeals to people running these firms.

Are you satisfied with the condition of the roads?


With the population of Lincoln growing, what are your plans for affordable housing?

We need to streamline the process builders and developers are required to use to get permits to build.

What incentives does Lincoln have to offer young business professionals looking to move or stay here?

#1. Incredible schools! #2. Traditionally, low crime rates – although this is becoming a problem that needs to be addressed now. #3. Great healthcare. #4. Colleges and universities. #5. Warm, welcoming people.
#6. Great bike trails.

Is there one part of Lincoln you feel is neglected, or doesn't get the attention that it needs, to prosper and move forward?

We are neglecting the area of public safety and violent crime rates are skyrocketing. We need more police officers.

Are you happy with the job Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler has done?

I would prioritize the budget differently.