10/11 Golden Apple Award Winner: Norris 6th grade teacher Mrs. Kelly Baehr

Sponsored - Mrs. Kelly Baehr, a 6th grade teacher at Norris School District, is the 10/11 Golden Apple Award winner for December.

This award, sponsored by Doane University College of Education is given each month of the school year to an educator having a outstanding impact in our local schools.

It's clear that Mrs. Baehr is passionate about being a teacher.

"I feel like every year I get to open a new gift." Baehr said. "Each kid that is in my classroom is a gift to me. Something i get to unwrap and see what's inside."

Mrs. Baehr is a 6th grade reading teacher extraordinaire, but she teaches her students about so much more than literature.

She's also won the respect of her principal, Mary Jo Leininger.

"She gives 100 percent and then some every day to her students," said Leininger.

Students, Taryn Bade and Eli Wolf, agree that Mrs. Baehr is an inspirational teacher.

"She always knows what to say to make people feel good," Bade said. "And she just like has that spark that makes her a good teacher."

"She teaches you to never be afraid and to always be a good person to other people," Wolf said.

Mrs. Baehr is a proud 1986 graduate of Norris High School. She says she feels fortunate that she has gotten to return home and teach in the same school district that she grew up in.

"Parents are so supportive and teachers are just top notch," Baehr said. "You have a lot of competition if you want a job at Norris."