Interview Opportunities

10/11 Noon & 4pm LIVE Interview Opportunities

Would you like to be a LIVE guest on 10/11 at Noon or First at Four?

We are always looking for interesting topics/subjects that can benefit our viewers!

If you have an idea or event you’d like us to consider, please email the following information to (at least one month in advance if possible!).

- Your name, title, contact information and the organization or event you are with.
- If you are representing an event, please provide basic details including, when, where and how it may benefit viewers.
- The date (range) and program you are hoping to appear on (if you have a preference)
- Any additional information you believe we may find helpful.
- You can watch examples of recent interviews here.

Thanks in advance for your submission! We look forward to reviewing the information provided and will contact you if we are able to offer you a LIVE interview opportunity – or if we need additional information to make that determination.

Please know that due to the volume of requests we receive, our LIVE segments tend to fill up quickly. If we do not have an appropriate or available segment at this time, please know we sincerely appreciate your interest and hope you will re-submit in the future!