Our Town Crete: Leadership program growing at Crete High School

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CRETE, Neb. — Crete has a new leadership program to go with their new high school, aimed at teaching high school seniors about the inner workings of government.

"One of the big goals of the Grassroots program is for us to become aware of some of the other things that are going on in our city, in our school and in our county on different levels,” Crete High School

Guidance Counselor Joel Lemus said. Lemus is one of the sponsors of the program.

However, the group is completely student-led.

Lemus added that another focus is to make student more aware of the world around them.

"The main focus of this group is for them to become more effective leaders, not just in their school, but in their community," he said.
Guadalupe Lopez, a participate in the program, says that her involvement was enlightening.

"There's a lot of things we don't know about our community,” she said. “We're just kind of going to school and doing our thing but we should also be involved because this is where we live. This is our families and this is just how we should just try to improve it every time for the upcoming generations."

Lopez added that she feels that this important leadership program is a win-win situation for Crete.

"Because I feel like some of the hispanics might get intimidated or say that it's more of a white community, but I feel with this group we can just kind of get our leadership skills improved and we can also take part and become one instead of just being two different types of ethnic groups so that way we can just become one group and one ethnic community as it should be."

That's exactly how Crete Superintendent Kyle McGowan feels about the program.

"There are people that don't know how to work the system,” McGowan said. “So it's our job as a school to make sure that you know how government works so you can make it work for you and you can be a part of it."

Each Fall, the grassroots leadership program sells tickets to a multicultural food festival and they raise funds to attend a national leadership conference in Chicago in February.