Leadership center seeks to become a one-stop destination for weddings

Sponsored - The Leadership Center in Aurora has deep roots in agriculture. It has served as a home for FFA training programs for a long time. But in recent years, it's become a popular place for weddings.

"We do everything from ceremonies to receptions," Leadership Center Event Coordinator Micheala Olsen said. "We can do bridal parties, we can do bridal brunches, gift openings, we can do it all." But managers at the Leadership Center are making some new changes when it comes to how weddings are offered. Now, they are providing coordination services as well. "We have not offered that before," Oslen said. "I will be working with brides and grooms. If they want help from start to finish, I am their girl."

The services being offered at the Leadership Center are being supported by many vendors in the community. The hope is to make the Aurora a "one-stop" wedding destination, where businesses on main street help create that unforgettable experience. Deanna Powell operates Dream Designs Bridal in downtown Aurora. "I have about 1,000 gowns, 600 of them are on sale. I have bridesmaids dresses, flower girl dresses, mother's dresses," Powell said. "I have the same as Omaha."

Robin Sanderson and Jennie Snoberger operate The Old Homestead Market and Floral. They, too, like the idea of teaming up with the Leadership Center to create a local wedding destination. "I think a lot of times people go out of town and it's easy to do that," Sanderson said. "Keeping local stores open is very important to the vitality of your town." The floral shop offers plenty for weddings. "We have a lot of vintage and antique pieces that we rent for weddings and receptions, and we also do fresh flower arrangements," Snoberger said. "We can do table centerpieces, bridesmaids bouquets, the works. Whatever you need for your wedding."

The natural setting of the Leadership Center itself also interests brides. "Our bridge is usually what draws people in," Olsen said. "Our brides see pictures of it and they think about the pictures they are going to have walking over that bridge to their groom." With new planning services and local vendors on board, having a wedding at the Leadership Center could prove to be a memorable experience for brides and grooms. And, it could mean an economic boost for local Aurora stores.

If you are interested in booking a wedding at the Leadership Center, you are encouraged to go to the website, tlcaurora.org, for more information.