Our Town Geneva: All American Book Bindery

Kevin Bonin & Justin Ogren had worked in the book bindery business for a combined 40 years when they decided to take a leap of faith & start their own book bindery business 2 years in Our Town Geneva.

At the All American Book Bindery, they take beat up old textbooks and turn them into beautiful new rebound text books. A brand new book could cost a hundred dollars, All American Book Bindery can rebind it for as little as 10 dollars.

Co-owner Kevin Bonin is passionate about his business, "We really want to get out there and help the public school districts save a little money by offering a high quality product at a very fair and competitive price."

Justin Ogrin says they scan the original book cover and then make vibrant new copies for the rebound books...and just like that, a beat up old text book is given new life, "I enjoy the satisfaction of helping out school districts, I really do. I have for years."

Justin & Kevin can also work wonders with personal books and family heirloom books.

See what All American Book Bindery can do for you... http://www.allamericanbookbindery.com