Our Town Geneva: Historic Courthouse

It is without a doubt the crowned jewel of this fine town.

They started building the Fillmore County Courthouse in the spring of 1893, and it cost about $50,000 to build.

Many people believe that is is one of the most photogenic courthouses in the state of Nebraska.

Carol Vejraska started working in the Treasurer's Office at the courthouse in 1959, "It was kind of cold sitting close to the window, those windows were old by then."

Carol says that by the 1990's the courthouse was due for a renovation, "You knew you needed a new heating system for sure and the electricity had to go."

The residents of Fillmore County made a bold decision to renovate their original courthouse instead of building a new one in 1999.

A major find appeared in the courtroom under a layer of metal on the ceiling. Carol explains, "We found a hole up there in there in the ceiling and it turned out to have a big dome underneath it."

A total of 2.7 million dollars was spent to renovate the beautiful building that is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.