Our Town Geneva: The Secret Garden

The green thumbs in Our Town Geneva go to great lengths to beautify the county seat of Fillmore County.

And one of the prime examples of that is a half acre of extensive landscaping & gardening that surround the Geneva Public Library.

Margaret Nichols is very proud of her official title, "I'm Chief Weeder." She's also the Chief Historian, so she enjoys tracing the roots of The Secret Garden, "The Secret Garden, the origin of that name comes from the book of course for children, the Secret Garden."

Margaret says the Secret Garden is now 20 years old, "That went back to 1996 when Barb Wilkins, a member of the Library Board gave a gift to the library to have a landscaping come out from Lincoln and plant the whole entire around the library."

After the original monetary gift for maintenance ran out, it was Donna Fairly that started the revitalization of the overgrown gardens in 2007.

Margaret says, "Donna got together with another master gardener, Pat Shaake, a cousin of ours Nancy Nichols and myself and we all became very involved in cleaning up the garden."

If you'd like to help beautify Our Town Geneva, the clean up day at the Secret Garden is coming up in two months. In fact, you're invited to come out & get your hands dirty on April 23rd as the community prepares for another beautiful summer in the Secret Garden.