Our Town Geneva: Young Leaders of Fillmore County

The "Young Leaders of Fillmore County" is an organization that was formed in the fall of 2009.

It's a group where community leaders under the age of 40 meet to network & communicate their ideas for the future of Fillmore County.

For Christin Lovegrove, the choice to come home after law school in Lincoln was easy, "I think people want to come back to Geneva because they're able to see opportunity."

Christin is the founder of Young Leaders organization, "I think people are confident in Geneva and confident in it's future and because of that people are willing to invest in their businesses, they're willing to invest in our town and the things that bring people to town and when you have all that confidence and all that belief in your community it just tends to draw people here or really makes them want to come back."

Christin says the Young Leaders organization has 80 members that bring Fillmore County together & connect Ohiowa, Strang, Exeter, Milligan, Grafton, Shickley & Fairmont with Our Town Geneva.