100kW solar panel system in Lincoln complete

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LINCOLN, Neb. – GRNE Solutions, a Midwest-based renewable energy provider, announced it has completed one of the largest privately-owned commercial 100kW solar panel system in the Lincoln, Nebraska area. GRNE and its partner, landowner JAX Properties, will sell electricity produced by the system back to the local electric company. With the addition of this development, the solar potential in Lincoln will substantially increase. Located at 1900 Saltillo Rd., the new system is the latest development in an advancing solar scene in the Lincoln area.

“Solar power is here to stay. And this project is just another step in the development of viable solar power systems that will benefit consumers for a long time to come. GRNE is dedicated to lessening technical barriers, educating providers and consumers, and making solar power increasingly practical,” says co-founder of GRNE Solutions, Jess Baker. “Every time a new system goes into place, it helps reduce the cost of energy and power the homes of everyday people.”

The company has created a new division to administer its solar energy resources: GRNE Solar. In 2016, the company installed roughly 340kw of renewable energy across Lincoln and the Midwest. The systems varied in size from 5kW residential systems to the new 100kW commercial system.

According to Baker, the mission of GRNE Solutions is to make solar panel design, installation, and implementation an effortless and efficient process. The company mounts panels near the ground or affixes them to the roofs of existing structures. Maintenance is very minimal, which makes upkeep simple and effortless.

The 100kW project began on December 15, 2016 and was completed January 31, 2017. Once operational, 100% of the energy produced will be supplied to the power grid. Most electric companies allow energy interconnection agreements called net metering. This allows customers who produce their own energy to get a credit on their electric bills for the extra energy that flows back into the distribution system.

For systems that produce excess energy, companies offer a renewable generation rate that allows those customers to sell energy at a predetermined price. These programs allow customers who do not have solar panels to use energy created by a renewable source.

The project came about after Jim Ahlstedt, Jr. and Jeremy Bishoff of JAX Properties purchase a piece of land Baker believed was well-suited for solar. Ahlstedt and Bishoff were excited to be a part of the push for solar. Ahlstedt said, “Beyond the financial benefits, solar and renewable energy is the direction that everyone should be heading.” Bishoff added: “Not only is it good for the environment and energy conservation, we believe this is a sound investment.”