116,500 crosses and counting

Published: Dec. 4, 2019 at 5:30 PM CST
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The Cross Makers of Seward continue to make crosses out of wood, while making an impact on the lives of people who could use some hope.

"We started this in 2010 in Clayton Kent's garage. He is the founder of this," Bill Morse said. "In 2013, the building we are in now was given to us. When we first started, Clayton wanted to give the crosses away. But, the demand began to grow, and he was spending his own money to keep up with the demand, and so we started charging some for the product."

The crosses are mostly made out of cedar. "All of a sudden we got some calls for oak and walnut, and that cost us a little more money, and we decided to get a little better price for those. But 95% of our sales are still cedar," Morse said. About 40 volunteers are involved with the Cross Makers of Seward today. "I have a calendar where we keep a weekly total of the crosses we've made, and right now we are at 116,500, and last year we made our 100-thousandth one," Morse said.

The Cross Makers are offering a number of different designs for the crosses. Some of the designs feature hearts, some feature the word "Vet", and some are geared toward comfort dogs. And the money made from the crosses goes to charity. "We give it back to Seward County," Morse said. "That's the good thing. We can make crosses to provide comfort, and we can give away money to help people."

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