2 inmates remain on escape status weeks after walking away from correctional centers

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LINCOLN, Neb. – Two inmates serving time for serious crimes remain on escape status weeks after they walked away from correctional centers in Nebraska.

According to records obtained by 1011 NOW through a Public Records Request, Brandon Jones and Zavyhon Elmore remain on escape status after walking away from two different correctional centers.

Jones, who was serving time for a terroristic threat charge and attempted second-degree assault, was being held at the Community Corrections Center in Lincoln. He was last seen on January 11.

Jones was scheduled to be released in April 2020.

Zavyhon Elmore, who was convicted of possession of a deadly weapon by a felon, escaped from the Community Corrections Center in Omaha on December 9, 2018.

Elmore was scheduled to be released in August 2019.

Both men were being held at the lowest security level corrections centers when they escaped.

The Nebraska Department of Corrections said in all cases, law enforcement is notified that a person is on escape status, regardless of what level facility they are at.

However, when someone walks away from one of those centers, NDCS said it is not their practice to notify the media or the public.

The Public Records Request was sent from 10111 NOW to the Nebraska Department of Corrections seeking information on any inmates on escape status following the escape and capture of Anthony Gafford.

Gafford, who was sentenced for second-degree murder following a shooting in 1997 and broke parole twice, walked away from work release on January 26.

He was arrested while living on the streets of Las Vegas on February 7.

Gafford is still in custody of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department awaiting extradition back to Nebraska.