2020 Spring Flood Outlook released

This map depicts the locations where there is a greater than 50-percent chance of major, moderate or minor flooding during the spring period of March through May 2020. (NOAA)
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - What a difference a year can make.

The 2020 Spring Flood Outlook was recently released from NOAA highlighting areas across the United States that are at an increased risk of flooding through the month of May and it offers a dramatically different picture than 2019.

In 2019, many parts of the Missouri and Mississippi River were outlined with a risk for major flooding, which is unfortunately what many of us saw in the 2019 Heartland Floods.

A much different winter and spring season this year has offered us a dramatically different flood outlook for spring of 2020. While there are still some areas of concern across the Plains - particularly across parts of South Dakota, North Dakota, and into Minnesota where some moderate to major flooding is possible - most of Nebraska's rivers and tributaries are not under the threat for moderate to major flooding.

With that being said, that does not mean this spring won't or couldn't see any flooding along Nebraska's waterways. Due to a wet winter and spring for parts of the Plains plus above average soil moisture and expected above average precipitation this spring there are increased chances for flooding across much of the central and southeastern parts of the country. The Missouri River along the Nebraska and Iowa border is outlined for an elevated risk for minor flooding this spring, which we have already seen at times over the past several weeks. The Platte River as well is under an elevated risk for some minor flooding.

The map shown above outlines the areas there there is a greater than 50% chance of minor, moderate, and major flooding through May of 2020.

To see the full spring flood outlook write up, you can find it here.