20K worth of items stolen from storage unit

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LINCOLN, Neb. – Roughly $20,000 worth of items, including a 1930's dining set, were stolen from a storage unit in Lincoln, police said.

According to LPD, on Wednesday a 54-year-old Omaha man discovered his mother’s belongings had been stolen from a storage unit near 18th and Pioneers Boulevard.

The man said he placed the belongings in the unit in June, and when he went back, his key wouldn’t work on the lock.

Eventually, the lock was cut, and the victim discovered the unit was empty.

He told police at one point he had the items, which included a 1930’s dining set and chinaware, appraised at $20,000.

Anyone with information is asked to call Lincoln Crimestoppers at 402-475-3600 or LPD at 402-441-6000.