2nd Annual Veterans Day Parade honors vets

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - For the second year in a row, Lincoln has kicked off Veterans Day celebrations with the Annual Veterans Day Parade. For 94-year-old Don Raasch and 97-year-old Sylvester Schroer, this parade was one way to thank them for their service in World War 2.

"The day I turned 18 I enlisted," said Marine veteran Raasch.

Raasch was at Iwo Jima for 2 weeks. Schroer served in India. For both, their time serving is a long time separated from this November. But they said, their love for the country remains the same.

"It's great to see so many people remaining patriotic," said Raasch.

Raasch and Schroer weren't the only veterans at the parade today.

"Just a great symbol to the veterans. It shows how thankful the nation is to the vets," said Ron Mayhew, a Navy veteran. "It's just a great experience to be here."

Cymbals, drums, motorcycles, Cub Scouts, the list goes on. Everyone had the same message: to thank veterans for their service.

"Great parade," said Schroer. "I loved the bands. It was really nice. Just couldn't be sweeter.

This is the second year of the parade and with 72 entries, organizers think this parade will only keep growing. Raasch and Schroer said grand marshalling this parade is an absolute honor.

"It just means everything," said Schroer. "I'm so happy here."