Lance's Journal: Restoring Mobility Equipment, April 15, 2016

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Marne and Hans Iwand went to Lincoln Southeast High School in the late 70's.

They started dating when they were both attending UNL and they eventually moved to Omaha.

That's where Marne has devoted her entire career to helping people... especially children with disabilities.

Over the years, she started to notice how hard it was for families with children of special needs to get the right mobility equipment

She took it upon herself to help challenged children put their dreams into motion.

Marne has been a physical therapist for 20 years and her husband Hans is a mechanical engineer.

When Hans has finished the day at his full-time job, he returns to his workshop where Marne gives him specific instructions. Marne explains, "I've used Hans to adapt equipment over the years. Sometimes just weld parts back together."

Hans adds, "We work together collaboratively, finding components from other existing equipment."

The Iwand's have donated the large amount of their free-time to a non-profit organization they call "Mobility Equipment Restoration.'

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