$42 million bond could add new library if passed

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Voters in Lincoln could soon have the opportunity to decide on a possible $50 million bond to renovate libraries and build a brand new building.

The Director of the Lincoln City Libraries said she hopes that the bond will pass, but there's no time table on when this could happen and that money would come from an increase in property taxes.
The library is looking to get a $42 million general obligation bond just to replace the Bennett Martin Library that would last for 20 years.

The total cost is 50 million, but at least $8 million would come from private donations and any other available money.

Another $6 million from a bond would go towards improving 6 of the 7 current libraries, replacing flooring, getting new furnishings, and maybe even expanding.

"What we are looking at is replacing Bennett Martin Library, we have done several studies of this building and the conclusions of those studies have generally been that it would make more sense to invest in a new building elsewhere," said Director Pat Leach.

Leach says one of the areas where the library is looking to relocate is the Pershing site, and that she's excited to improve their current libraries to better serve Lincoln.

We asked the City of Lincoln Finance Director if we could see this on the November ballot and he said that they really have no time table on when this could be put to a vote, it's all a matter of timing, and there's no word yet on how much this could cost you on your property taxes.