48-hour gun ordinance passes Lincoln City Council 7-0

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - The Lincoln City Council passed a gun ordinance that requires lost or stolen firearms be reported to the police within 48 hours on Monday. The ordinance passed 7-0.

“I think this has an opportunity to do some good,” councilman Bennie Shobe said.

Monday’s city council meeting included an amendment to the original proposal, deleting line three which required reporting of “the circumstances of the loss or theft, including the date, place, and manner.”

“We recognize [gun ownership] is a right, but with that right comes additional responsibilities,” councilwoman Jane Raybould said. “A responsibility is reporting lost or stolen firearms.”

The ordinance amended Chapter 9.36 by adding a new section 9.36.032. requiring the timely report to the Lincoln Police Department of firearms lost or stolen within the city limits.

“Before this amendment came forward, I couldn’t support this,” councilman Roy Christensen said. “But now, I’ll be able to support this measure.”

The new section reads as follows:

If a firearm is lost or stolen within the city limits, the person who owned or was in possession of the firearm shall report the theft or loss to the Police Department. The report shall be made within 48 hours after the theft or loss is first discovered and shall include, to the extent known:
1. The firearm's caliber, make, model, manufacturer, and serial number;
2. Any other distinguishing mark on the firearm;

“I consider it my obligation, as an elected official, to keep our families and our community safe,” Raybould said.