50 years of agricultural aviation

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Joel Bornemeier says he was just five years old when he got his first taste of flying, "I remember my first ride, my sister and I sat on my dad's lap and we went up with a neighbor over hear and flew around."

Joel started taking flying lessons as soon as he graduated from Elmwood High School and he started crop-dusting in the spring of 1970.

Joel says a lot has changed about flying since he got started, "Fifty years ago, there was only one or two towers in the whole county. Now there's cell towers every two or three miles."

Joel says his main job is to treat weeds from the sky, "The last several years, it's been a lot of fungicide work."

This job can get little hairy at time, "You're always trying to keep an eye on place where you could put it down if you had to," explains Joel.

But Joel still loves gliding through the sky like a big red, white and blue bird, "It's still fun, yeah."