Gaylor Baird wins race for Lincoln Mayor

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) A message of continued growth and experience in city government appears to have resonated with a majority of voters who selected Leirion Gaylor Baird to become the 52nd mayor of Lincoln.

She won the general election with 54 percent of the vote, besting fellow councilor Cyndi Lamm by 5,489 votes.

Gaylor Baird, a city councilor since 2013, tossed her hat in the ring after voters passed an ordinance in November restricting Lincoln mayors to three terms in office, thus blocking incumbent Chris Beutler from seeking a fourth term.

During her campaign, Gaylor Baird touted her experience on the Lincoln City Council, dealing with budgets and making city-wide decisions, as an asset if elected mayor. She also promised to properly manage growth as the city of Lincoln continues to expand.

As mayor-elect, Gaylor Baird will assume office Monday, May 20.

Once taking office, she will become the third female to hold the title as Lincoln mayor. She will also continue a 20-year streak of Democrats holding the mayor's office.

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