51-year-old man arrested for unlawful intrusion

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LINCOLN, Neb. – A Lincoln man has been arrested for unlawful intrusion after multiple cameras used to spy on minors were found in a home.

According to court records, Scott Nickell, 51, was arrested on the charges on October 3.

The probable cause affidavit for his arrest said authorities were made aware of Nickell’s suspicious behavior after multiple cameras were found inside a house in East Lincoln.

The person who called police said Nickell had been displaying odd behavior and taking videos of minors in the home at suspicious times.

The court records show the cameras were being used to spy on a minor in the home. One of the cameras was found inside the bathroom.

In addition to the cameras, multiple SD cards containing sensitive material were found in the home, as well as in Nickell’s vehicle.

Nickell was cited and lodged in jail, and had his bond set at $150,000.