New app targets distracted drivers with traffic alerts

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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - The app "TravelSafely" sends warning signs right to your smartphone for everything from your speed in a school zone to a light that's about to change.

TravelSafety app alerting the driver seconds away before the light turns green / Source: WWBT

"It's all built around safety," Jeff Wilson, regional sales manager of Applied Information, said. "It takes approximately 3 seconds before the light changes and the motorist is going to get an alert to get ready for green."

The new app targets distracted drivers who could be distracted by texting or talking.

"That alone improves your traffic network 5 to 10 percent from distracted drivers," Wilson said.

The developers also want to improve traffic flow while saving lives at the same time. For first responders in particular, every second saved in the line of duty matters.

"Statistically, they say every minute you get to an intersection quicker you can save 10,000 lives a year," Wilson said.

It can even tell if you are about to strike a pedestrian and vice versa - it enables cyclists, pedestrians and motorists to know when a vehicle is approaching.

TravelSafely can be downloaded for free on iPhone and Android. For more information, click here.

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