56th Street resurfacing gets underway Monday

Published: May. 21, 2018 at 11:03 AM CDT
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If you frequently drive on 56th street you may want to think about a

different rout this summer. starting today a section of 56th street between Vine and Adams will be prepped for resurfacing.

The project is focused on repairing and sealing pothole-causing cracks as well as surfacing and upgrading sidewalk ramps to ADA standards.

Resurfacing work will begin by August. At that time, phased lane closures will maintain traffic in at least one direction to ensure access to businesses, residences and schools. Intersection work at Holdrege Street and Leighton Avenue will require full or partial closures between rush hours.

Message signs will provide advanced notification of intersection and lane closures. The street is scheduled to open in August, with seeding and final cleanup activities continuing into September.

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