7-year-old saves family from house fire

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A 7-year-old North Platte girl saved her family from a house fire. She was in the living room sleeping when she heard the alarm and woke up her parents.

Nina Rice went upstairs late at night, after her family was sleeping, to watch television. Normally, such an act would probably be reprimanded, but this time; it made Nina the family hero.

After falling asleep on the floor, Nine was awakened by the sound of the fire alarm. She knew right away what to do. She crawled on the floor to her parents' bedroom and woke them up.

"Dad rushed to the baby's room," she said. The baby's room was closest to the source of the smoke, which originated from the back porch.

"Mom got us all into the car and warmed it up for us," she said.

Neighbors called firefighters.

Mom, Doris, said that it was cold out, and she was surprised that she did not grab coats or other things - she just got her children out of the house. She said she feels blessed that Nina was there and heard the alarm.

Nina's younger sister Callie was pretty upset because her Paw Patrol blanket got left inside. There is some trauma - she is afraid to bring it from grandma's house now - in case there is a fire again. Doris said that it would take time - that everyone was scared.

Nina said that firefighters had taught her about fire safety in the first grade, and that her parents had taught er her fire safety when they lived in a trailer house.

The house will smell like fire for a long time. It is a reminder of how grateful they are for each day. Nina would like to meet the firefighters who helped them.

The landlord has provided all of the supplies to fix the fire damage. Over Christmas vacation Dad, Brandon, and his father, plan to make the repairs. Brandon's had was hurt at work, and he cannot use it currently.

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