UPDATE: Dog that attacked woman in Lincoln euthanized

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LINCOLN, Neb. UPDATE: Animal Control says the dog that attacked a lady near 48th & C Sunday was relinquished by the owner. The dog has been euthanized.
"It was the very last thing I expected, to be riding in an ambulance down 48th street when I got out of bed yesterday morning."

But that's exactly what happened to Marilyn Dorf.

She was walking her dog near 48th and C shortly after 9 a.m. like she does most mornings when an unattended dog starting running toward her.

"He went to my leg as if it was a great big slab of beef and grabbed a hold of that and bit and bit and bit and bit and didn't want to give up and he knocked me on the ground," she said.

And then the dog went after Marilyn's springer spaniel, Ollie.

"I was just thinking what is happening to my dear little dog."

A woman driving by stopped and assisted Marilyn and shortly after animal control and police were on the scene.

The whole experience left Marilyn shaken.

"It was a very traumatic experience," she said.

I spoke with one of Marilyn's neighbors, Carla McNeal, who told me everyone on their street has a dog and that it could have been any one of them.

"We walk so much together, I can't even imagine, what she might have gone through, what she would have gone through, what she did go through, it's just awful, "she said.

Carla says she hopes dog owners learn from this incident.

"You should be able to take your dog for a walk and be safe."

As for Marilyn, she says she hopes owners keep an extra eye on their pets, so no one else has to experience what she did.

"People should know to keep their dogs safe in a pen or on a leash and not let them run free, Marilyn said." You never know what can happen or what they are going to do."

Marilyn is preparing for a second surgery on her right leg tomorrow morning. Ollie underwent emergency surgery as well and remains in the vet's care.

Both are expected to be ok.

Animal control still has the attacking dog. The dog's owner was found and arrested on unrelated matters. Animal control did interview the owner regarding the attack.