A Fragrance for FFA

LINCOLN, Neb.- A new scent is in the air thanks to the Ord FFA Chapter.

The chapter has developed two fragrances, one for girls and one for guys, and the cologne and perfume is now the official fragrance of FFA nationally. How did they come up with this you ask? "We kind of collaborated, and we actually had a chemist from New York come up with three options for the men and three for the women. At the last state convention, they voted on which one was their favorite," Ord FFA chapter member Taylor Ference said.

The students involved in developing the fragrance are family. Many of them are sisters and cousins. "We were all at a family Thanksgiving, and we just brainstormed and came up with something like this because there was not a fragrance in FFA until we got here," Josie Ference said. The fragrances are officially licensed with the national FFA.

The perfume is called "1969", because that was the year that girls were allowed to join FFA. And the cologne is called "National Blue" in honor of the colors of FFA. The Ord chapter hopes to benefit from sales of the cologne, and perhaps using profits to refurbish their greenhouse. Many FFA chapters across the country are now using the fragrances in their fundraising efforts. And it all started right here in Nebraska!