A Lincoln North Star senior celebrates Arbor Day at Yazidi Cemetary

Published: Apr. 26, 2019 at 6:45 PM CDT
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Maysaa Khalaf was debating what she could do to earn her Gold Award through the Girl Scouts of America.

And then it dawned on her, she would lead members of the Yazidi community and her supporters in a major tree-planting project in the newly established Yazidi Cemetery just south of Malcolm.

More than a hundred people showed up with shovels in hand this afternoon to plant 400 trees in a 20-acre plot of land. Maysaa has just been in America for the past two years and she's proud of her Yazidi heritage, "I am not going to tell you that I don't know everything about American culture, but mostly I am using to it and I'm trying my best to get both cultures and make something nice out of it and yeah this is a project that kind of represents what the cultures together can do."

Mayssa says this cemetery is especially important to her because her father was buried here last year, "To me he's like just physically gone and emotionally his soul is always with me and that's how I'll always feel."

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